• SUMA machines can go from preform to forming the bottles in
        one step which is saving time and space.
  • Equip with core rods temperature control system makes
        finished bottle better. (optional)
  • Precise and stable screw of neck.
  • Molding with multi-cavities per cycle. Suitable for large
  • Automatic producing and no need to deflashing and trimming.
  • Unity-forming without seam.
  • Injection mold, blow mold, injection and plasticizing can be
        separately controlled, so shorter cycle time by rapidly

  • Machine is stable, low vibration and low noise.
  • Independent electric control cabinet with dust-proof and
        waterproof design.
  • Oil tank with filter and there is automatic oil constant
        temperature control system.
  • Available material: PE, PP, PS, PC, PET, PETG/PCTA, etc.
  • Using on application of cosmetics, pharmacy, households,
        beverage and so on.

  • Producing process&Specifications



    ▪ 3 stations IBM producing process:

    Station 1: Injection
    Station 2: Blowing
    Station 3: Stripping finished bottles


    3 stations IBM producing process



    ▪ 4 stations IBM producing process:

    Station 1: Injection
    Station 2: Blowing
    Station 3: Stripping finished bottles
    Station 4: Temperature Adjustment of core rod


    4 stations IBM producing process


    ▪ 3 stations ISB producing process:

    Station 1: Injection
    Station 2: Stretch-Blow
    Station 3: Stripping finished bottles


    3 stations ISB producing process


    We provide professional mold design, manufacture and testing, the quality and precision are guaranteed.

  • The material of mold is made of stainless steel to prevent the pollution of rustiness and corrosion.
  • The properties of mold are high hardness, high strengh, high wear resistance and tough to extend the durability of mold.
  • Each cavity of mold is individual means easier to modify or dismantle for production and mold adjustment.
  • Suitable for producing the bottle neck diameter from 6mm to 70mm.
  • Position device of mold and mold base makes assembly faster and locate precisely.
  • Mold change can be finished within 3 hours.


    10” Touch Panel

    The humanized operation control panel which combines the touch screen and operation bottoms can directly entering the control values.

  • The touch screen with graphical interface is easy-to-learn for user.
  • Up to 10 steps of controlling and monitoring of injection, plasticizing,
        decompression, hold pressure.
  • Decompression before and/or after plasticizing.
  • Real curve chart of producing. So, the engineer can fully control the producing
  • Integrated value monitor page.
  • All parameters in real values
  • Digital set points for all strokes, speeds, pressures and temperatures.
  • Automatic failure detect and showing the abnormal message on touch screen.
  • Powerful memory function can save hundreds of memory of control values.
  • Slow mode for mold exchange, more safety and convenience.



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